My Skincare Rescue Remedies

There are times where I am militant with my skincare. I follow every step and never forget to take off my makeup. Then there are some times where I am just not willing to put in the effort. When my lazy moments happen, I have an arsenal of skincare products to right my wrongs. I'm going to share my favorites that will help anyone rescue their skin.

When you want to start with a fresh face

Ko Gen Do's Soft Gommage Spa Gel is part gross and part fascinating. This gel is an exfoliator that removes all your dead skin off your face. The dead skin basically beads up, it's gross but so satisfying because once you dry off your skin is baby smooth. It will also allow the rest of your regime to sink into your face and really absorb. I will say it is a bit on the expensive side, but all you need is a little dime size and it will go a long way. Find it here at Sephora.

When you need a bit of moisture

This mask is amazing and affordable! I save this mask for special occasions because it really provides the moisture you need for your makeup to glide right over and really allow your face to glow without looking greasy. It's also super affordable. I got mine from Amazon, but Ulta has them for $2.00/mask and that's a steal!

When you need to control the oil

When my face looks like an oil slick, I venture over to my beauty bin and pull out this First Aid Beauty purifying mask. This sucks up all the oil and leaves your face feeling squeaky clean. I will say this it does hurt just a smidge when taking it off your face if it latches onto any hair. Also, watch out for your eyebrows!

When you need to minimize pimples

This product is an Amazon gem. I think I learned about this from another beauty blog, forgive me I don't remember which one but I will say the minute I heard this was a tried and true product from many acne sufferers, I just had to try it. It's made with tea tree which is a favorite spot treatment of mine. When I realized this stuff was worth keeping in my cabinet I had a zit surfacing right under my nose aka the worst kind to get because they hurt so much! Anyways, I put some on the problem area and overnight the zit greatly decreased and was less painful. It's definitely worth a shot especially if you get hormonal acne.

And finally, a product that heals your lips

The winter months do a number on my skin. Normally, I have combination skin on the oily side. However, in the winter my skin gets extremely dry, including my lips. Every night I put this ultra repair lip balm on and my lips are plump, moisturized and smooth by the next morning. Honestly, if you like wearing lipstick and find your application patchy and uncomfortable, this will help you get back on track. Promise. Now go buy it here.